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eCivis for Arizona

The State of Arizona has partnered with eCivis to publish all State of Arizona grant opportunities through eCivis' cloud-based grants management system, Grants Network: Research. The State of Arizona has created a portal to Grants Network: Research so users searching for State of Arizona grant opportunities can search standardized, highly relevant grants information that is easy to search, find, understand and save. There are no sign up costs for this limited-license service.

If you are an interested municipal entity or other organization in search of State of Arizona grant opportunities, you can sign up and access a Grants Network: Research (Limited) license for free by clicking the button below.

Just click the "Sign Up" button below to begin your free registration. Your account will be immediately activated after you submit your registration form. No credit card or type of payment information is needed, just valid contact information including an email address for us to send your login credentials.

What is a Grants Network: Research (Limited) license?

A Grants Network: Research (Limited) license has all the robust features of eCivis' standard level of service but is limited to grants issued by the State of Arizona. It does not include federal or foundation grants, or grants from county, city, or other local or regional government entities.

How does this differ from a fully paid subscription? Paid subscribers have access to all federal and foundation grants and applicable state, county, city, or other local or regional government entity grants in Grants Network: Research; advanced tracking and reporting features for grants compliance; the ability to add your own grants and organizational funding to the Grants Network system; and much more.

Click the "Sign Up" button above to begin your Grants Network: Research (Limited) license. Contact for more information about limited and paid subscription options.